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SEP 22

The mini dessert platter: apple crumble, malva pudding and milk tart served with vanilla bean ice cream

SEP 21

Lynel Lizzy Barnard and Bernard Faul you’ve both won our ‘Would You Share This Massive Mini Spring Special Competition’, awesome. Valid for this Wednesday, the 24th of September 2014 (Heritage Day) Please show this post if required. Rock up anytime :) Bring ID please.

SEP 21

We're open today 12-3pm

SEP 20

Ruth Franke you’ve just won our ‘I love boerie’ massive takeaway competition, how kiff is that. Your prize is: 3 x boerie rolls + 3 x boerie poppers (with sour cream and guacamole) + 3 x cool drinks Valid for the rest of this month, September 2014. Takeaway only. Please call 021 424 4208 to pre order or just rock up :) (Please show this post if required) Takeaways: